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Save Money on Your Washington, DC Garage Door Repair with Our Tips

Date: June 18, 2018 | Author: Mark Cieplak | Category: Garage Door Repair | Tags: Garage Door Repair

In completing garage door repair work on your Washington, DC home, it can help to learn from the experts about the latest repair techniques. Our team at Beltway Doors has significant experience in the garage door maintenance marketplace, and in this latest post, we’re presenting our garage door repair tips for your Washington, DC property.

Loud Opening and Closing Noise Could be Due to Rusty Hardware

Rusty hardware is a leading cause of garage door maintenance issues. One of the reasons so many homeowners fail to see this issue is that the hardware is usually hard to see. But it’s important to check hinges and screws that connect the door to the garage for signs of rust. This could be a sign that metal is brushing against metal when the door is opening and closing, causing a disturbance for the rest of the home.

Faulty sensors can prevent the door fully opening and closing

Another common issue we see in the current marketplace is where the garage door simply won’t completely open or close. Most often, this type of maintenance issue is the result of a faulty sensor. Either there is dust or other contaminants blocking the sensor or the sensor hasn’t been installed correctly the first time around. Try to place the sensor a little lower than its current placement on the door, and make sure that all objects are moved out of the way to prevent interaction with the sensor.

Call a professional for spring and panel replacements

While you might think replacing a spring or a panel within the garage door is a simple maintenance task, many injuries have resulted from homeowners taking on this type of repair work alone. Make sure you call a professional if one of the springs or panels needs to be replaced. This can ensure you don’t experience any injuries or further damage the home during the repair work.

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