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Discover Whether You Need Garage Door Repair and Service Work on Your Home

Date: July 08, 2018 | Author: Mark Cieplak | Category: Garage Door Repair | Tags: Garage Door Repair

Your automatic door will require regular maintenance if you are to achieve the required level of performance from the system. Our team at Beltway Doors has significant experience in the garage door repair and service field, and in this post, we’ll highlight how to determine if you require service or repair for your door.

Remote problems could be related to the battery

It seems simple but oftentimes remote issues are related to the battery within the remote. You might simply have to replace the batteries to ensure the remote works effectively with your door once again.

Check the motor if no movement occurs

If the door isn’t moving after you use the remote, make sure you check the garage door motor. The problem could be that the motor is either not powered on or is not running effectively. Make sure you consult with a garage door service and repair company if you suspect this issue.

Objects could be in the way of the sensor

Before you spend more money on garage door repair work, make sure you check whether the sensor has a clear line of sight to achieve optimal movement. The issue could be related to a piece of garden equipment blocking the sensor.

A torsion spring could be broken

If you conduct a visual inspection of the garage and find that a torsion spring has broken within the system, the problem must be managed by an expert. The springs within the door are under immense pressure and moving them in the wrong way may cause serious injuries. Make sure that you stay clear of the spring and call an expert immediately.

Check for broken cables

Another issue that can occur is that the cables connecting the door to the opener could be broken. If you notice a loose cable, do not attempt to fix the issue alone as you could cause further damage. Call a local garage door service and repair professional.

Our team at Beltway Doors is here to guide you within your garage door repair and service needs. To discover more, call our team today.